• Honorary Professor Entrepreneurship Development
  • PhD Psychology of Entrepreneurship
  • School for Coaching
  • Master Management and Organization Sciences
  • Master of Marketing


  • AMBA Highly Commended Award 2017
  • Top Woman FRITS Magazine 2015
  • Silver Tulip 2014
  • Friendship Medal of the City of Eindhoven 2014
  • Joke Smit Award 2013



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Zwetstraat 1
2515 VD Den Haag
The Netherlands

A successful business starts with the entrepreneur!

CV & Awards


As entrepreneur and endowed professor I connect science with practice in the field of entrepreneurship. I do this by using my knowledge, experience and network for the business and personal development of entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs, and by setting up innovative projects which are of societal and economic value.



For me, entrepreneurship development and growth is not about bigger, but about greater. That’s why I always say: a successful business starts with the entrepreneur. For me, the success is not determined by the size of the enterprise, but by the contribution and impact the entrepreneur delivers to society and in realizing his or her ambitions.

My focus is on corporate entrepreneurship, social and women entrepreneurship, and on the more psychological aspects. In my position as endowed professor of ‘Sustainable employability of entrepreneurs in the Netherlands’ the research focuses on increasing knowledge and understanding of critical events in the personal and working lives of entrepreneurs, potential causes of dropout and possible preventive interventions. The chair is established by Movir, income insurer for independent entrepreneurs.



Entrepreneurship is about vision, recognizing opportunities, the development of products and services… and simply doing. Because who I am, what I know and what I have experienced, I am not only able to have soundboard sessions with entrepreneurs and organizations, but I can also accelerate projects through my enthusiasm and drive, and I am able to connect the right people.



For me the success of an enterprise is determined by the qualities of the man, woman, or team who starts or runs a business. In my projects therefore the personal development of the (corporate) entrepreneur is the focus point, off course in relation with the business situation. In this my special attention is for the position and development of female entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial people who come from vulnerable positions, such as survivors of domestic violence and refugees.


It is time to enforce the enormous potential of female entrepreneurs. By supporting more women in the start-up or scale-up of their business, more jobs will be created and more economic prosperity will be achieved for many countries. Furthermore, these women also boost innovation, poverty reduction and promotion of well-being. Women are the agents of change!